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July 09, 2018 2 min read


Having one’s formative years unfold against an ever-shifting backdrop is the kind of thing that’s often only appreciated in hindsight. Although, at such a young age, this lifestyle is never adopted by choice, it is up to that person to make the best of its influence in time.

From birth, our product developer and creative director Simon Chercuitte was constantly jumping from one side of the pond to the other: Germany, Canada and England to name a few. Despite the endless change in homes, schools and even friends, he found a constant in barbershops, where he would always go with his father and take in the scene. A strong work ethic, building connections with others, and creating a community are all aspects of the barbershop that drew him in and he quickly realised that no matter what city he was in, he could find these qualities there. What better reason to want his own?

Fast forward twenty-odd years and Simon’s hard work, charm and determination have brought him both Monthly Barber and Wise Men’s Care. Having lived in such diverse places, he’s been exposed to different cultures, lifestyles, and ways in which people express themselves through style. What motivates him are the opportunities to draw from these experiences and bring them to his customers, help them find the right look that’ll make them feel good about themselves and even encourage them to take better care of themselves.

For Simon, wisdom is perpetually aspirational, it’s something that should always be ahead of him, because if he felt he attainted it, that would only mean he stopped growing. He says it’s about learning from our elders, from our work, triumphs and failures alike, accepting that there’s always more to grasp.

With Wise, he hopes to give back to people and the planet, both having brought him so much. Developing thoughtful products that have a low impact on the environment allows him to work closely with likeminded individuals that share his vision and also enables him to share and gain knowledge through this growing network of people who care.


Simon's favorite Wise product is the Birch Bark Shampoo refill pouch, a no-fuss minimalist option that hangs perfectly in his shower, ready to help start the day! See link below for more.  

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