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February 02, 2022 4 min read

Valentine’s Day can have many different meanings, depending on who you ask. For some, it’s a special opportunity to reconnect with that special someone. For others, it can be a cloying reminder that they don’t have a special someone to reconnect with in the first place. But is the latter really the case? Being single doesn’t have to make February 14th a downer. After all, regardless of your relationship status, the person you see in the mirror is also a special someone worth reconnecting with. And who says self-love isn’t worth celebrating? Certainly not your friends at Wise. That’s why we put together a list of 3 useful ways to express some sweet self-love this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!




No, not like what people mean when they tell someone to get a life. We mean like an actual hobby. Your initial reaction might be to wonder who has the time for such a thing, but spending time on non-work related activities that actually speak to your interests can be a healthy investment in yourself. 


It is, however, important to note that while passive leisure activities like watching tv or scrolling through social media can be tempting ways to pass your free time (we get the importance of zoning out every now and then), what we’re suggesting here are active leisure hobbies that require either physical or mental energy and stimulate your mind.


Whether it be writing, hiking, painting or otherwise, studies show that people who take up active hobbies are much less likely to suffer from stress or depression. Not only is it a great opportunity to get to know yourself better, but it’ll also make it easier for you to meet like-minded people who actually share your interests while gaining a sense of community that doesn’t just revolve around work. And that’s definitely a gift worth giving to yourself. 




When seeing someone out at a restaurant or movie theatre alone, most would assume that the person is lonely, but in reality, there’s a higher chance that that person simply knows what they want. There’s a freedom to not having to explain your preferences, negotiate, or compromise. 


You can even take it a step further and make it a full-on solo date night catered to your tastes and your tastes alone. That indie movie none of your friends seem interested in? Now’s your chance to hit it up. That restaurant that seems too out there for other people’s palate? Table for 1, please! This is your night, dress up or a dress down as you wish. It’s all about what makes you most comfortable.


Speaking of comfort, why not take it even two steps further and pamper yourself solo too? Going out isn’t all about restaurants and movies. Treating yourself to a spa or massage doesn’t require anyone else’s presence. And if you can’t learn to relax by yourself, you can’t learn to relax at all.




This may sound corny, cliché, or whatever you want to call it, but the fact remains that many people out there are much rougher on themselves than they realize or need to be. And you may very well be one of them. As we mentioned, hobbies and treating yourself to a night out are great ways to express self-love, but none matter more (and cost less) than simply making a habit out of being kinder to yourself. 


You might be wondering what are the first steps towards doing that. Well, the answers aren’t the same for everyone, but here are a few places to start. First of all, you can be ambitious while being forgiving to yourself. No one expects you to achieve all your goals all at once, so you shouldn’t either. In fact, taking it one step at a time is a more surefire way to get to where you’re going than expecting to be an overnight success.


Which brings us to our second point: stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone looks like they have it all figured out from the outside looking in (doin’ it for the ‘gram?), but everyone has personal struggles that others can’t see. That’s why you shouldn’t give yourself a hard time for having those struggles too. Comparing yourself to an idealized and unrealistic version of others is both inefficient and unfair to yourself. 


Last but not least: practice positive reinforcement. It’s common to be down about what you think you’re doing wrong, but what about all the things you’re doing right? Take a moment every now and then to be proud of however far you’ve come and celebrate victories both big and small. Not only is that energy better spent, but also a great form of self-love. Go ahead and give yourself that gift. You deserve it. 


Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Wise.

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