Red Maple Hair cream

Believe in Red Maple bark

BY : Wise Team

Canada is a known for its vast wilderness, diverse cultures, and dropping temperatures in the winter months. A little less known are the hidden minerals and rejuvenating extracts found deep in Canadian forests.

Wise’s treasured Red Maple bark can be found in the boreal forest of Estrie, Quebec. The bark used in our products is harvested from trees planted by the Canadian forest industry reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

Red Maple bark is packed with beneficial properties, a true miracle-worker of the forest. First, it is a collagen booster, a fundamental element of skin and hair, which improves hair elasticity and durability. It is also full of polyphenols which discourage hair loss. And lastly, its antioxidant properties have an anti-inflammatory effect, restores the cellular barrier and gives life back to damaged hair.

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